Make your drives meaningful.

Make Friends

Tired of fighting to stay awake on your morning commute? Feeling like you are wasting time sitting in traffic coming back from work? Maybe you need a commuter friend to keep awake and shoot the breeze while traveling those long miles to and from different cities, making the time zip by. Our app encourages forging friendships with the riders that you take or the drivers that you ride with. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover someone or something new!

Verified Drivers

We verify our riders and drivers to keep our communities safe. We want you to have the best experience while you build relationships.

Real Communities

With our app, we are really striving to build relationships and communities. Neighbors can meet each other and discuss the latest sports, music or politics. You'll really get to know your community. Maybe even start a revolution alongside your new car buddy. Keep an open mind and you have an amazing adventure!

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